Muscle building blunders

Well, do you really need 6000 calories to build muscle mass? Or even 5000? Or maybe smaller as much as 4000? It is not necessary, or may even need to match the weight of each individual. Most bodybuilders, need about 17-20 calories per pound of body weight to build muscle mass. For those with a mediocre metabolism, the number may be slightly less or even meaningless. With such metabolic conditions, but the number of calories consumed such as 5000 a day would actually make a super obesity. Start by consuming about 16-17 calories per kg of body weight and look at the body in the mirror after a few weeks you go with the workouts. If there are still parts of the body is still swollen, meaning that incoming calories are still too much that eventually settles into fat. If you already understand what I mean when talking about the calories during building muscle mass, then you can continue your research on

If eating lots of protein is a guarantee of making muscles bigger, certainly will be a lot of people who focus only on protein intake. In essence, protein is one of the most important nutrients in determining muscle growth. But that does not mean more and more consumed will be more useful as well. Essentially the protein needed in muscle formation is 1 – 1 ½ gram per kg body weight.

Carbohydrates and calories, as well as the energy that roads produce alongside together transport proteins so as to make the absorption and delivery of muscle tissue much more efficient. Carbohydrates serve as a driver of protein entry into the muscle. This means that large muscles are not a result of the amount of protein consumed, but also require the adequate amount of carbohydrates. Somehow, it does not mean that you will deal take too much protein. To avoid making this mistake, you can read related book or magazine. You can even work with the personal trainer who has the expertise in the field.