Other Benefits of Testosterone Hormone

Reduced levels of testosterone in men or commonly called hypogonadism turned out to have two classifications. Namely secondary and primary hypogonadism. The cause of secondary hypogonadism is due to the destruction of pituitary hypothalamus organs. The organ that stimulates the testes to produce testosterone and spermatozoa. To increase your testosterone, you can visit http://musclesupplementtrials.com/six-ways-enhance-levels-testosterone-excercise/

If the hypothalamus is disrupted or damaged, then no one orders the testes to produce testosterone and spermatozoa. Eventually, the testis does not create anything. While primary hypogonadism is the opposite, namely the testicles that have interference. So the hypothalamus has ordered the production of testosterone and spermatozoa, but not done by the testes. Lack of testosterone levels has some vital consequences. Among other things, decreased physical strength in men, depression, diabetes, even sexual dysfunction.

Mostly you may only know testosterone as male virility hormone. This hormone is also very important to increase sexual desire, determine the size and function of the brain, and muscles. Do you know? it turns out, this one hormone stimulates the male brain to be honest. A study found that the more testosterone in the male body, the higher the level of honesty.