Types of Varicose That Need to Know

Varicose veins can be experienced by everyone, whether male or female. The most obvious sign of varicose veins is the presence of fine lines red or blue around the legs. Varicose veins caused by many things such as the use of high heels and also the age factor. Doing regular exercise and regular but not excessive can prevent the occurrence of verses, lack of exercise can also be the cause of varicose veins. Varicose veins can be the cause of the inhibition of blood circulation in the area around the calf and leg when holding the body weight so as to increase the pressure of the venous blood vessels of the body at the bottom. That’s why you need compression stockings to alleviate this symptom. We provide many thigh compression sleeves for you, to help you lighten your pain.

The main symptoms of varicose veins can be seen if the veins appear veins bluish colored which is widen and meandering. Patients with varicose veins may feel uncomfortable because of swelling, weight, and pain in the legs. The pain is usually felt in the calf. Some severe cases can cause swelling, changes to ulcers in the ankle. Many sufferers consider that varicose veins are just minor annoyances but varicose veins actually have the potential to cause serious pain and condition. One doctor will advise you to use compression stockings.

Then what other things can be obtained from thigh compression sleeve? Reduce Pain. Foot contact with ground level sends a vibration to all parts of the runner’s feet and causes the muscles to shake. This is thought to damage the muscles and increase the intensity of feeling after exercise. Apparel compression will wrap the legs tight and help the muscles stay still in place to avoid further damage.