Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method that removes air from packets prior to sealing/press. This method can be used manually or automatically to entering the product into a vacuum plastic bag, removing air from the plastic and sealing the plastic. The packaging of vacuum plastic is expected to use plastic with the right size in accordance with the form of products to be packaged.

The main purpose of vacuum packaging is usually used to remove oxygen from the vacuum plastic packaging, where when oxygen is removed it is expected that the product’s duration will be even longer. The use of this plastic can extend the product display time, with a flexible shape, as well as to reduce the size of a product packaging.

For products in the vacuum, the packaging was not just any plastic that can be a vacuum. There is a special plastic for vacuum type is nylon. Plastic nylon / Plastic Vacuum has a strong elasticity and strength, so if it is a vacuum with nylon plastic, the packaging will not easily leak. So the price of nylon plastic is relatively expensive. If you need a vacuum sealer, you can visit and find various product reviews we prepared for you.